Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Coca-Cola Company Announces Voluntary Withdrawal of Themed Drinking Glass

(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Coca-Cola Company has announced a voluntary withdrawal of 22,000 sets of themed drinking glasses for quality reasons. One glass, which is designed to look like a can of Coca-Cola®, did not meet our quality expectations. While recent tests indicated some cadmium in the decoration on the outside of the glass, the low levels detected do not pose a safety hazard or health threat.

The Coca-Cola Company has an unwavering commitment to quality, and at times we may withdraw products from the market for quality reasons, even if there is no safety concern or legal requirement to do so.

We apologize to our consumers for the inconvenience.

Description: The glass is a 16-oz. decorated glass that looks like a can of Coca-Cola®, with a red body and the Coca-Cola® design. It was sold as a package of four glasses – each glass representing a can of Coca-Cola®, Diet Coke®, Coca-Cola Zero® or Sprite®.

Units: About 22,000 were distributed.

Distribution: The glasses were sold in retails stores and online, including at Coca-Cola retail stores, and other locations. The glasses were sent to distribution centers throughout the United States.

Market Dates: The glasses have been in market since March 2010.

Return Procedures:

For Glasses Bought at Retail Stores: Consumers can visit beginning Nov. 30 for instructions on how to return the glasses and secure a full refund.

For Glasses Bought at the Coca-Cola Online Store: Consumers who purchased the glasses from the website will automatically receive a credit to their account.

Beginning Nov. 30, retailers and consumers also can call Coca-Cola Consumer Affairs at 1-800-438-2653 to get instructions on how to return the glassware and request a refund.

No other Coca-Cola glassware is involved in the withdrawal.

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