Friday, July 10, 2009

Diamond Crystal Brands Inc. Announces a Nationwide Recall of Products Containing Nonfat Dry Milk Because of Possible Health Risk

Diamond Crystal Brands Inc. of Savannah, Ga., is recalling products containing nonfat dry milk because its supplier, Plainview Milk Products Cooperative, Plainview, Minn., warned the company of a possible Salmonella contamination.

Salmonella is an organism that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Healthy individuals infected with Salmonella often experience fever, diarrhea (which may be bloody), nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. In rare circumstances, infection with Salmonella can result in the organism getting into the bloodstream and producing more severe illnesses such as arterial infections (i.e., infected aneurysms), endocarditis and arthritis.

Instant nonfat dry milk manufactured by Plainview Milk Products Cooperative during the past two years may possibly be contaminated with Salmonella. Nonfat dry milk from Plainview Milk Products Cooperative was used by Diamond Crystal Brands Inc. to make items distributed nationally in pouches to foodservice organizations.

These items include:

* Café Delight™ White Chocolate Caramel Cappuccino, 12-ounce foil pouch
(Lot numbers: 041KCB, 041KCB0203, 312JCA0203, 325JCB0203, 326JCA0203 and 326JCB0203);
* Chefs Blend White Chocolate Caramel Cappuccino, 12-ounce foil pouch
(Lot numbers: 053HCA0236, 126JCB0236, 126KCB, 127KCC, 128JCB0236, 129JCC0236, 186HCB0236, 259JCB0236, 282HCA0236, 326JCB0236, 328JCB0236 and 365HCA0236);
* Chefs Supreme English Toffee Cappuccino, 12-ounce foil pouch
(Lot numbers: 051JCA and 051JCA0225);
* Chefs Supreme Hot Cocoa Mix, 12-ounce foil pouch
(Lot numbers: 005KCA0266, 009JCA0266, 013KCA0266, 013KCB, 013KCB0266, 015JCB0266, 015JCB0566, 015JCB0566, 015JCB0566, 016JCC0266, 030KCB, 030KCB0266, 032JCA0266, 078JCA0266, 160KCA, 266JCA0266, 276HCB0266 and 357JCA0266);
* Diamond Crystal® Cappuccino Mix, 12-ounce foil pouch
(Lot numbers: B028J50206, D028J50206 and 028JCB0206);
* Diamond Crystal® English Toffee Cappuccino, 12-ounce foil pouch
* (Lot numbers: B015J50218, B045J50218, 015JCA0218, 045JCA01 and 045JCA0218);
* Diamond Crystal® Malted Milk Powder, 12-ounce foil pouch
(Lot numbers: 003JBA0521, 092JCA, 092JCA0521, 092JCB0521, 127KC, 127KCB, 192JCA0521, 192JLA0521, 247JCA0521, 274JCA, 274JCA0521, 276JCA0521, 341HCA0521, 346HCA0321 and 346HCA0521);
* Diamond Crystal® Nonfat Dry Milk, 5-pound foil pouch
(Lot numbers: 009JDB8262, 010JDA8262, 022JDA8262, 022JDB8262, 026KDB8262, 027KDA, 027KDA8262, 027KDB8262, 047KDB8262, 048KDA8262, 048KDC8262, 063JDA8262, 063JDB8262, 063KDB, 063KDB8262, 064JDA8262, 064KCC8262, 064KDA8262, 064KDC8262, 077KDA8262, 077KDB8262, 085JDB8262, 086JDA8262, 086JDB8262, 096KDA, 096KDA8262, 096KDB, 096KDB8262, 097KDC, 097KDC8262, 105JBA8262, 105JBA8262, 105JDA8262, 111KDB, 111KDB8262, 129JAB8262, 131KD, 131KDB, 132KD, 132KDA, 136JDA, 136JDA8262, 136JDB8262, 136JSA8262, 140KD, 140KDA, 140KDB, 141KD, 144JDB3043, 158JDA8262, 158JDB8262, 161JDA8262, 167KDA, 167KDB, 169JDB, 169JDB0262, 169JDB8262, 169JFB8262, 169JFB8262, 170JDA0862, 170JDB8262, 192JDA8262, 225JDA8262, 227JDA8262, 227JDB8262, 262HDB8262, 263HDA3862, 263HDA8262, 263HDB8262, 269JDB8262, 274JDB8262, 276JDA8262, 281HDB8262, 282HAA8262, 282HDA8262, 288JDB8262, 292HDA8262, 292HDB8262, 292HDC8262, 305HDA8262, 305HDB8262, 315JDB8262, 316JDA8262, 316JDA9262, 318HDB8262, 332JDB8262, 336JDB8262, 337JDB8262, 339JDC8262, 341HDA8262, 341HDB8262, 345HDA8262, 354HDA8262, 354HDB8262, 358JDA8262, 358JDC8262 and 359HDA8262);
* Diamond Crystal® Oatmeal Variety Pack, 55.6-ounce pouch
(Lot numbers: JUN2610I83, JUN2610I8A, JUN2610I8B, MAR10I8A, MAR1810, MAR1810I, 18MAR10, BBMAR1810, MAR1810I2A, MAR1810I8, MAR1810I8A, MAR1810I8B, MAR1810I8M, MAY1810, MAR1910I8A, MAY2810, 052810, MAY281018B, BBMAY2810, MAY2810I, MAY2810I8A, MAY2810I8B, MAY2810I8E, MAY2810I9P, MAY282010, OCT09I8B, CT2309, BBOCT2309, OCT2309I, OCT2309I2B, OCT2309I8A, OCT2309I8B, OCT2309I8C, OCT2309IB, OCT2309KA, OCT23I8B, OCT2709I8B, 107029, OCT2309, OCT2509, SEP009SA2, SEP0309KA2, SEP0809K, SEP0809K2A and SEP0890KA2);
* Diamond Crystal® Raspberry Vanilla Cappuccino, 12-ounce foil pouch
* (Lot numbers: 049KCB0235, 049KCC0235, 049KCC0255, 060JCB0235, 155KCA, 208HCA0235, 231HCB0235, 260JCA0235, 282HCA0235, 311HCB0235, 326JCA0235, 326JCA0255 and 331HCB0235);
* First Cafe Original Cappuccino, 12-ounce foil pouch
(Lot numbers: B015J29364, B015J50204, B028J50204, 015JCB0204 and 028JCB0204);
* First Cafe White Chocolate Caramel Cappuccino Mix, 12-ounce foil pouch
(Lot numbers: B015J50291, B020K50291, B027K50291, B031J50291, B071J50291, B316H50291, B341H50291, B365H50291, D015J50291, V134K50291, 015JCA0291, 020KCA, 020KCA0291, 027KCA, 027KCA0291, 031JCA0291, 222HCA0291, 228HCB0291, 267JCA0291, 316HCB0291, 341HCA0291, 365HCA0291 and 391HCA0291);
* Grindstone Cafe™ White Chocolate Caramel Cappuccino, 12-ounce foil pouch
(Lot numbers: B004J50313, B015J50310, B015J50313, B021K50313, B034K50313, B129J50313, B152J50313, B219J50313, B232J50313, B287J50313, B295J50313, B299J50313, B299K50313, B303J50313, B326J50313, B365H50313, D015J50313, D129J50313, D299H50313, D326J50313, M179J50313, V021K50313, V287J50313, 004JCB0313, 015JCA0313, 015JCB0204, 021JCA0313, 021KCA, 021KCA0313, 037KEB0913, 120KCA, 129JCC0313, 287JCA0313, 295JCA0313 and 326JCB0313);
* HHL™ Vanilla Instant Breakfast Drink, 5.4-ounce pouch
(Lot numbers: V03129, V03129-2, V031292, V03208, V03208-1, V032081, V06117-1, V061171, V08018, V08018-2, V080182, V08317-2, V083172, V103081, V10318, V10318-1, V103181, V12117-1, V121171, V121171-1, V127B and V132117-1);
* Monarch® Nonfat Milk Powder, 5-pound foil pouch
(Lot numbers: 009JDB8265, 010JDA8265, 011JDA8265, 011JDB8265, 027KDA8262, 027KDA8265, 027KDB8265, 033JDA8265, 048KDA8265, 048KDB8265, 060JDA8265, 063JDB8265, 063KDA8265, 063KDB, 063KDB8265, 079KDC, 079KDC8265, 082KDC8265, 085JDA8265, 085JDB8265, 097KDA, 097KDA8265, 097KDC, 097KDC8265, 111KDB, 111KDB8265, 112KDC, 112KDC8265, 120JDA8265, 122JDA8265, 122JDB8265, 123JDA8265, 131KDA, 131KDB, 135JDB8265, 136JDA8255, 136JDA8265, 136JDC, 136JDC8265, 141KD, 141KDA, 143JDA8265, 167KD, 169JDA8265, 169JDB8265, 193JDB8265, 202JDB8265, 226JDB6265, 226JDB8265, 227JDA8265, 228JDB8265, 240HDA8265, 250HDA8265, 263HDB3265, 263HDB8265, 263HFB8265, 264HDA8265, 272HDB8265, 276JDA8265, 288JDA8265, 289JDA8265, 292HDB8265, 306HDB8265, 315JDA8265, 315JDB, 315JDB8265, 318JDB8265, 337HDA8265, 337HDB8265, 354HDB8265, 358JDA8265, 358JDB8265, 360HDA8265 and 364HDB8265);
* Rituals® English Toffee Cappuccino, 12-ounce foil pouch
(Lot numbers: 060JCA0273 and 560JCA0273); and
* Rituals® Original Cappuccino, 12-ounce foil pouch
(Lot numbers: 030JCB0275 and 030JGB0275).

All incoming materials received from the supplier and outgoing products distributed by Diamond Crystal Brands Inc. tested negative for Salmonella. However, as a precaution and per the request of the supplier, Diamond Crystal Brands Inc. is recalling the previously listed products.

Customers who received any products affected by this recall will be contacted directly by a Diamond Crystal Brands Inc. customer service representative. Implicated product is to be isolated for pick-up by Diamond Crystal Brands Inc. Customers with questions or concerns about the recall may contact Diamond Crystal Brands Inc. at 800-654-5115 from 8 a.m. ET to 5 p.m. ET.

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