Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dollar General Issues Customer Warning, Removes Pokemon Valentine’s Day Candy From All Stores

2/14/08 (BUSINESS WIRE)--Out of an abundance of caution, Dollar General is removing from its shelves this morning Pokemon 10 Valentine Cards and Pops and has placed an immediate nationwide stop sale of the product on its registers after a customer reported finding a metal object in one of the product’s candy lollipops last night. The product, supplied by Sherwood Brands of Maryland, was purchased from a store in Lakeland, FL.

No injuries have been reported; and, at this time, no additional incidents have been reported.

“Dollar General is very concerned about this discovery and, in light of today’s Valentine’s Day holiday, would like to encourage all customers who may have purchased the Pokemon Valentine Cards and Pops to refrain from consuming it until we know more,” said Richard Dreiling, CEO of Dollar General. “Any customer who has a concern about this product for any reason may return it to our store for a full refund.”

Dreiling also stated that the company is cooperating with the Polk County Sheriff’s department and has asked the supplier, Maryland-based Sherwood Brands, to investigate the incident.

“We will review with the supplier the manufacturing safety protocols that are in place and whether additional measures are needed,” said Dreiling.

As an additional precautionary measure, Dollar General has pulled an additional product supplied by Sherwood Brands, the Dog Artlist Collection Valentine Cards & Pops.

For additional information regarding Pokemon 10 Valentine Cards and Pops, please contact the supplier, Sherwood Brands customer service, at 401 434 7773, ext. 271.

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